Amoreena Berkley

Amoreena Berkley feels blessed and honored to join APC as the Women’s Ministry Coordinator. She has a Masters in Theology with a major in Apologetics, a Bachelors in Bible and is currently working towards a Masters in Social Work. Amoreena has worked as a teacher in Christian schools and has ministered for many years to women, children, incarcerated youth, homeless and less advantaged persons and the elderly. Her greatest passion is fighting for the empowerment and restoration of the broken and crushed in spirit. As the Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Amoreena will work with her team in an effort to bring women into relationship with Jesus and to each other, where they can connect, grow, and serve through the realization of their inherent beauty, purpose and giftedness. Amoreena is currently living in Willingboro, with her husband Dave, and four sons: Josiah, Daniel, Timothy and Ben. And, don’t forget little Anna, who will bring some much needed additional estrogen to the Berkley clan.