Jill Bopf

Jill grew up in Allenwood, New Jersey with the sand in her toes on the Jersey Shore.  Jill’s positions have led her to live throughout the US.   She became an Event Planner in the corporate sector putting on trade-shows throughout the country when she had a “light bulb moment” a “calling” if you will.  She decided to put her hard work and talent into a nonprofit environment in order to give back.  She has over 20 years in the nonprofit arena in development, event planning, marketing, donor and alumni appeals and volunteer recruitment.

She is thrilled to be part of APC and the APC Community.    Although she lives at the shore, she loves Allentown and the surrounding area just as much because it reminds her of her time in New England.  If you don’t find her at the beach you will find her on a road trip to Anywhere-USA, especially if there is a flea market on the horizon.