JC Fowler

JC grew up right here in Allentown and took part in the Crossroads youth ministry in his middle school years. After several years away from the church, he was invited to play volleyball by a few active members, which was followed by an invitation by his younger brother Tyler to take part in the Maine mission trip. Little did he know, he would come back from that trip on fire for Jesus and with a fierce commitment to serve the youth in the community.

About a year ago, JC felt his call into full-time ministry and he is blown away by the opportunity God has provided for him with the youth and young-adults right here at APC. In the next several years he plans to attend seminary and continue to listen for where God is leading him.

Whether it’s yelling enthusiastically to “Go to Church!” via a video recording or waving his hands in worship, you can tell JC is excited about how God is moving in his life and in the life of those around him. But, one thing you should probably know, whether it is on the dodge-ball court or playing a game of cards, and whether you’re 15 or 50, JC plays to win!